Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Frames

I'm looking forward to a quiet night at home this evening. I found a fun fall cookie recipe I want to try out and I think I'll bust out a big batch of soup for the week. Geez, i sound like an 80 year old woman. Oh well, I'm ok with that. I have an awesome veggie chili recipe to share next week. I made it recently and it was my best yet!  Now if I can only remember where I put the notes I jotted down while I was making it............
On an unrelated note, the mister and I both have huge crush on Ryan Gosling and we are planning to see Drive on Saturday (pretty excited about that). Anybody see him on Conan this week? Ugghhhhhhhh there are no words, he's just amazing!!!!! Anyways, here are some pretty moments from the week. Have a good one lovelies!

Pretty flowers
Pretty Flowers for my crib

I went on a fancy date last night
I went on a fancy date this week, DIY necklace by me!

Funny graffiti by my place of work (there's lots of it)

sometimes you just need a vanilla cone


my favorite vintage lamp


ginella said...

lovely photos:) ..also enjoy quiet nights at home:)
ahhhh Ryan Gosling... love dead man's bones!
i think my favorite movie of his would be :lars and the real girl:)
have a lovely week end:)

Teaka said...

My husband and I were also going to see Drive this past weekend too but some how ended up seeing Lion King in 3D instead. Haha which was of course super wonderful but I still want to see it. Hopefully it's as good I think it should be.

Katie Maye said...

Lars and the Real girl is one of the loveliest movies ever!! love it!