Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Lovin'

Happy Friday! I'm looking very forward to a slow easy weekend and sleeping very late. My body is just rejecting the thought of productivity right now. It is literally refusing to provide me with any energy and who wants to go against science.... am i right? With that said, I will be very lazy this weekend, maybe work on a fun necklace DIY. (I've got gold spray paint and wooden beads people, there's a great project somewhere in there.) I also want to work on getting the rest of my vacation photos edited so i can share more fun Austin bits next week. Keeping with the them of laziness, here is a simple list of things I'm loving and coveting lately. Have a great weekend :)

Love these bright Zara trousers, here

Miss Kate's fall colors at for me, for you

Getting so close to pulling the trigger on this blazer from Emerson Made

Elsie's 5 tips for inspiration at A Beautiful Mess

Love this look for fall, image found moorea-seal

Love everything about this photo, the giant fig, pretty dress, and cozy chair, found on pinterest

Seriously??!! Need it now.......


Waffle Garden said...

shceddy balls???? haha is that real?!

Katie Maye said...

haha! yes it is!