Monday, September 26, 2011

hola señoritas!

Festive outfit for a night out to indulge in Mexican fare

It was a weekend full of quiet time at home, making warm comforting soup, pumpkin cookies, and de-junking my closet. One of my favorite parts of the year is when I get to unpack all of my cool weather sweaters and jackets and restock them into my closet. This usually inspires me to do a massive closet clean-up overhaul, one which I got halfway though yesterday and got overwhelmed so I left it for another weekend. I did though try to weed out a few things from last year that were never worn, also made myself get rid of some ridiculously uncomfortable boots that I had been hanging onto for some reason. Got to make room for new fall shopping! I'm trying to be very mindful with my purchases lately, making a list of "musts" and trying to edit it down. This is working like a charm so far, minus a few impulse buys at F21 that need to be exchanged for more practical items. Aside from obsessing over fall clothes, I watched alot of Dexter, ate some Red Vines, and saw Drive as planned (bloodier than expected, but oh so amazing!). Hope you all had lovely, relaxing weekends as well :)

F21 top, Express jeans, look at my lazy partner down there would u? He's so unimpressed.

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Saturday morning breakfast

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Souvenirs from Austin

The beginnings of a yummy soup

Not the prettiest things but they are yummy. Caramel stuffed pumpkin cookies


Teakalaverdiere said...

Caramel stuffed pumpkin cookies sound AMAZING!!! Oh my goodness I want a bite!
Also I really really like your shirt! :D

Katie Maye said...

thanks so much! I couldn't stop eating the cookies, they were so good. But then again almost anything is magic when you stuff it with caramel.haha!

Charity said...

I've taken to making lists of "essentials" for shopping as well, though I still branch out every once in a while ;) But having a goal of what I need to buy makes shopping a lot easier plus stops me (usually) from buying things I really shouldn't.
ps--your sleepy pup is preeetty darn adorable!