Thursday, October 27, 2011

Everyday I'm Packaging [an update]

Hi lovely friends! I'm very happy to report that the sale was an amazing success! I really want to thank anyone that joined the site, checked out the sale, and passed the word along to others. Needless to say I have been busy busy trying to organize the aftermath and preparing all of the items to be shipped. And as life will have it from time to time, a few curveballs have been thrown my way and to be honest the last thing on my mind lately is keeping up with blogs posts. So I am just going to surrender to current circumstance and take a break until I'm refreshed and full of fun new stories and tidbits to share. With that being said, see you all on the flip side :)


Feathers & Freckles said...

Aw, bummer that you're taking a break, but I understand :) So glad to hear that it was successful for you!! Oh, and the title of this post made me smile... :D Happy Friday and see you on the flip side! :)

Cfaulk82765 said...

You make me proud in so many ways! Here's a few:
1. You are here when we need you.No questions asked.
2. You can hit a curveball quite well:))
3. Creativity that surpasses all the genes in the family. You took more than your fair share!
Love, Mom and Dad

Sarah Von said...

Congrats! So glad it went well!