Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New in Curious Prints [etsy love]

18x24 Vintage Anatomy. Brains poster

Hi!Hi! I just wanted to drop a line and remind everyone to check out the festive prints I've added to Curious Prints. In case you haven't visited it yet, Curious Prints is stocked with reproductions of unusual vintage posters. Some creepy, some dreamy, and lots in between. This month I'm spotlighting the unique vintage anatomy prints of skeletons and brains (very Halloween-esque). Enjoy!

11x14 Vintage Anatomy. Leaning Skeleton

11x14 Vintage Anatomy. Human Body. Facial Muscles and Skull

11x14 Vintage Science Animal Study. Deer Skeleton

11x14 Vintage Anatomy. Standing Skeleton


Katie Maye said...

I would love to get my hands on some actual old vintage biology books. all of the vintage biology books I have are digital copies. I have a dream of being surrounded by musty old crumbling books