Monday, January 30, 2012

Pho-tastic weekend....

Beef Noodle Pho and Bahn Mi

See what I did there....?
Can I just start out by saying thank you to the construction workers who decided to start ripping up concrete in front of my house at 7:30 am on Saturday. If any of you see them please tell them I'm sincerely grateful. It's not like I look forward to sleeping in on the weekends every other day of the week, it's not what I live for or anything...not at all.
In spite of my whole world being shattered by the early morning noise, I managed to have a pretty jam packed weekend. We made a day trip to New Orleans on Saturday and went to the Tet celebration at Mary Queen of Vietnam Church (Tet is the lunar new year). I'm a newcomer to Vietnamese cuisine (I've only had pho but really like it), so I was really excited to try some new dishes that I had never seen before. I arrived with an open mind and a hungry belly. Although I was thoroughly overwhelmed by menus that had zero English on them, I soon sat down with an array of delicious Vietnamese dishes in front of me. I will admit, I bought one dish just because i liked the color....see if you can guess which one :)

Bahn Mi booth

Fertilized ducks eggs, I did not try this one but an adventurous friend did

Mystery Dessert, the only things I could identify were lychee and jello...? But is was pretty good

There was some crazy gambling action going one

After getting completely stuffed we took a pretty sunset ferry across the river and headed to a beer gathering of sorts at a friend of a friend's house. This was more for the boys but it was fun to meet new lovely people and sip some fancy beers. We also got a ton of tips for our trip to Seattle and Portland, yay!!
Not to worry, I was able to sleep in a bit on Sunday, spend some time with my family and round out the weekend with what else but some etsy packaging (my Sunday ritual). Speaking of etsy.... (thanks for asking) my Curious Prints sale is still going on at, it'll be up for another day or so.



Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fab Now!

Hello on a Sunday!!! Everyone please check out Fab now to get your hands on these great SciFi Posters! There are also some great other sales that just started. I've got so much fun stuff to share this week...another outfit post, some pretty weekend pics (we went to an amazing Vietnamese festival), and a great new recipe! Enjoy your last bits of the weekend :)
Link to join -

Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday!


Doesn't this hotel look amazing?! We are planning to travel to Seattle and Portland at the end of April and I'm so excited that we'll be staying at this hotel, The Ace, while in Portland. I'm also looking forward to seeing the Oregon coast, visiting as many wineries as we can fit in, and trying the best coffee Seattle has to offer.  We've already nailed down alot of our plans (go us!) but I'm hoping to spend the weekend doing more research and finding more fun places to visit. I love planning trips!!! Any fun weekend plans or upcoming trips for you?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine Card Roundup [etsy love]

I'm not much of a card purchaser (mostly because I'm lazy), but the most recent Valentine cards I have come across may have changed that. Etsy has the greatest selection right now of unique, one-of-a-kind, lovey dovey cards. Here is a selection of the ones i just can't get over.
ps. Link to purchase cards are below images, if an item is sold check the rest of that artist's shop, more than likely you will find it in there :)

Letterpress card by SPOONandSAILOR


Letterpress linocut card by PUPandPONNY

Letterpress postcard by YEEHAW

Silkscreened card by EGGAGOGO

Eco-friendly card by RED LETTER PAPER CO.

Snarky Card by DIPPYLULU

Paper cut out card by CRANKBUNNY

Best card ever by QUILLandFOX

Monday, January 23, 2012

My weekend [in the kitchen]

I didn't realize it so much at the time, but looking back at my weekend it appears that I didn't really get out of the kitchen. I have to say, I'm not mad about it one bit.
A while back I read this great post from one of my favorite food blogs, Not Without Salt. The way she talks about preparing a meal for her husband and her excitement in the process got me very excited to prepare a special meal for P (wink, wink). We have alot to celebrate and be thankful for these days. I'm lucky to be able to spend everyday with someone that inspires and supports me so much. I really wouldn't be able to keep a level head without him. I figured that the least I could do was prepare a beautiful meal from start to finish for him to enjoy. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about being able to pull off this entire meal and I read the recipes compulsively for a few days before attempting it. In this case my over-thinking paid off. The salad was crisp and delicious, the polenta was perfectly creamy, and the pork...well, I have to admit he helped me out with this one and made sure I didn't poison us with undercooked meats. And thank goodness for roasted grapes!!! Trust me on this one, you need these in your life. It was all so delicious and I know it was very much appreciated. Be sure to check out the original post at Not Without Salt for her gorgeous photos, mine don't do it justice.



If your still reading (enough with the mushy gushy stuff right?) I also tried my hand at some homemade flaky biscuits. I was just dying to try the leftover roasted grapes with biscuits and honey for breakfast. But you can't win them all folks and unfortunately mine came out a little flat. ( but still edible and tasty) There was also some rolling around on the floor with dogs and nieces, and some treat baking for a belated Christmas gift exchange. How was your weekend?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sneak Peek: Vintage Sci Fi Comics Posters [etsy love]

Here's a tiny taste of a new line of posters I'm working on for my shop Curious Prints. They are all from the covers of vintage sci-fi and mystery comic books. I'm so in love with all of this imagery, they are all so bright and unexpected! (over 20 new posters!!!) I'll debut these posters on Jan. 29 on, make sure to check them out there first. They will be available through Fab at a discount, and then soon after you can purchase at my etsy shop.
If your not already a member of Fab, here's a link to join,




Monday, January 16, 2012

A Baby Shower for Little G

I helped host a baby shower for my sister Hannah and little baby Gavin yesterday! I flexed my craft muscles a little and made some super easy decorations that were also really cheap. All you will need is some twine and about 3 - 4 yards of fabric in different coordinating colors and/or patterns. Before hitting up the fabric store, I ran by the thrift store to see if I could find any bed sheets in cute patterns. I found the baby blue fabric and pretty yellow floral fabric there.  Then I bought a few more different fabric selections on the cheap at Walmart. After that, all you have to do is tear the fabric into strips about 1"-2" wide and tie them on the twine. Don't worry about the fabric being uniform lengths, you can always trim it up once it is hanging. To top it off, I printed Baby G's name out on my home printer and clothes pinned it to the fabric and voila!!!

The proud Mama!

Hand painting "g" on all of the macarons might have been a little overboard but I think it was worht it

Monica made this amazing cake to match the invitations, so cute (and delicious)!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Frames : Redecorating

Ohhh what a week, I've battled some food poisoning, worked on new posters for an upcoming sale, and made many to-do lists for my sisters upcoming baby shower this weekend. I've mentioned before that I'm attempting to update my living room from all the hand me down college furniture that used to populate it. The biggest triumph so far was finding a sofa that I could afford, was comfy, and I knew I would love for years to come. I've been collecting a few more small furniture pieces and some fun accessories but I fell victim to a huge ebay fail this week. I ordered a chair without really looking at the measurements and when it came in we realized it was WAY TOO SHORT and looked ridiculous with the rest of the furniture. I'm hoping to salvage it (it's otherwise gorgeous) by having the legs lengthened about 6 inches. We'll see how that turns out.............. but here are a few snap shots of my favorite little corners of newness.  More pics to come as the room falls into place.
Have a lovely weekend!

Vases from West Elm, antique brass buddha

Airplant in fishbowl vase from Hobby Lobby

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Music Never Stops

Me and my buddy circa 08

My awesome friend Patrick has finally decided to grace us all with his knowledge in the form of a new music blog called The Music Never Stops. I like to bug Pat from time to time for new music to listen to and his recommendations are always spot on. He used to make a mixed tape every week or so with a bunch of really great songs from bands I'd probably never heard of. I still have all of those cds and they are still great, nearly 8-ish years later. He's got great taste, and is one of my all time favorite people. For all those interested do yourself a favor and add it to your blogroll. Here are some of my recent favorite posts from The Music Never Stops
(click the captions to link to the songs)
Quiet Company

I Fight Dragons

Weaver at the Loom

Monday, January 9, 2012

Brinner. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

Brinner Party! (Brinner - the combination of the words Breakfast and dinner, also known as the act of eating breakfast for dinner) Wild and crazy Friday night people! I think I might have a problem....I want to eat this meal every. single. day. of my life. FOREVER. Yes this is my second installment of documenting a brinner party, but I think you like it just as much as I do. I really think this might be the best way to spend a lovely night with friends. Some eggs, some EGGNOG FRENCH TOAST CASSEROLE, MIMOSAS! Ok, I'll stop with the all caps now, i just get really excited about brinner. Leigh's Eggnog French Toast Casserole was truly amazing, I mean, she really stole the show here. Here is a very similar recipe (possibly the same one..????Leigh???) It's a shame that eggnog is only a seasonal thing for the one simple reason that this recipe cannot be enjoyed year round, but maybe that's what makes it so delicious and special. I attempted to make Leigh's lovely mom's (Hi Mrs. Peggy) breakfast casserole, and while i didn't fail it was not near as delicious as the original.
Other highlights of the weekend included continued work on re-decorating the living room and finally getting back to the gym for the first time in recent months. Yay me!
I hope you all have a Happy Monday, I see lots of finger foods, pizza and beer in my immediate future. I think I heard there was some little LSU football game on tonight or something :)