Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Frames : Redecorating

Ohhh what a week, I've battled some food poisoning, worked on new posters for an upcoming sale, and made many to-do lists for my sisters upcoming baby shower this weekend. I've mentioned before that I'm attempting to update my living room from all the hand me down college furniture that used to populate it. The biggest triumph so far was finding a sofa that I could afford, was comfy, and I knew I would love for years to come. I've been collecting a few more small furniture pieces and some fun accessories but I fell victim to a huge ebay fail this week. I ordered a chair without really looking at the measurements and when it came in we realized it was WAY TOO SHORT and looked ridiculous with the rest of the furniture. I'm hoping to salvage it (it's otherwise gorgeous) by having the legs lengthened about 6 inches. We'll see how that turns out.............. but here are a few snap shots of my favorite little corners of newness.  More pics to come as the room falls into place.
Have a lovely weekend!

Vases from West Elm, antique brass buddha

Airplant in fishbowl vase from Hobby Lobby


Kristina Gulino said...

Woohoo, redecorating! My fave! I've done the same thing that you did with eBay, except with a dining table set. It was a total piece of crap, but I was blinded by the cheap price and when we lugged it home I gave it straight to my parents to sell at a garage sale! Lesson learned. Can't wait to see more :)