Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday!


Doesn't this hotel look amazing?! We are planning to travel to Seattle and Portland at the end of April and I'm so excited that we'll be staying at this hotel, The Ace, while in Portland. I'm also looking forward to seeing the Oregon coast, visiting as many wineries as we can fit in, and trying the best coffee Seattle has to offer.  We've already nailed down alot of our plans (go us!) but I'm hoping to spend the weekend doing more research and finding more fun places to visit. I love planning trips!!! Any fun weekend plans or upcoming trips for you?


Charity said...

ahh that is so beautiful! I'm jealous--I've been wanting to travel to Portland all year. I might take a trip after I graduate in March. I live very close to Seattle, where are you planning to go there? Let me know if you need any tips!

Katie Maye said...

i'm not really sure yet, my aunt and uncle live there and my boyfriend has been gathering tips from people he know. Anything that we absolutely must do?