Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Music Never Stops

Me and my buddy circa 08

My awesome friend Patrick has finally decided to grace us all with his knowledge in the form of a new music blog called The Music Never Stops. I like to bug Pat from time to time for new music to listen to and his recommendations are always spot on. He used to make a mixed tape every week or so with a bunch of really great songs from bands I'd probably never heard of. I still have all of those cds and they are still great, nearly 8-ish years later. He's got great taste, and is one of my all time favorite people. For all those interested do yourself a favor and add it to your blogroll. Here are some of my recent favorite posts from The Music Never Stops
(click the captions to link to the songs)
Quiet Company

I Fight Dragons

Weaver at the Loom