Friday, February 17, 2012

As of the Late

Finally rehanging some art to include new stuff

Yay Friday! The joy that Friday brings just never gets old. It's Mardi Gras celebration time around these parts which means I'll probably be laying low this weekend (what a Debbie Downer right?). Living in south Louisiana, it's kind of necessary to take a break from things like Mardi Gras every couple years. Alot of people would argue with me on that, but i'm taking a break anyway. I plan on making this delicious egg boat and working on some new products for my etsy shop. Let the good times roll!
Here are some happy little moments to help get us through the home stretch...

Silly string at the fairgrounds

Sharing good drinks with new friends

Hibachi with my sisters

Fast hands

Peyton painted this art for our room, i love it

A well deserved breakfast for being good and doing our taxes


Charity said...

your wall looks so chic. Love it!