Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New in Curious Prints [etsy love]

Irma Senta - The Tattood Lady. 11x17 Print

I'm 100% in love with these vintage circus photographs I've just added to my shop Curious Prints. Reproductions of these photos are available on cardstock or photo paper. I have many more fun vintage circus images I'll be adding over the next few weeks but I'm just so pumped about them I couldn't wait to share.
click on the captions for more info and/or to purchase

Adjie the Lion Tamer. 11x14 Print

Millie Betra - The Serpent Queen. 11x17 Print


Charity said...

These are so COOL! I love the lion tamer print. I read 'Water for Elephants' recently, that's what these remind me of.

Katie Maye said...

Thanks! That whole era is just so gorgeous!

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Kristina Gulino said...

Ok, those lions, are seriously HUGE. And that made me wonder how little I would look next to them...given that I'm a petite (snack). Very cool!!